Customer Satisfaction is one of Quam main targets, and this achievement is pursued trough the continuous improvement of all Company processes by enforcing the quality program and objectives stated in our Quality Management System.

Quality certification is an essential factor to QUAM success. Our objective is customer satisfaction: being selected and appreciated by our Customers means our outstanding in efficiency, quality, price, performance and image. In order to reach our quality targets, QUAM promotes, develop and unconditionally supports the following activities:

1. Planning, creation and preservation of our Quality System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Standard
2. Involvement of the Company functions with regard to the Customer satisfaction by guaranteeing product conformity, product performance, flexibility with regards to customer needs, prompt response to customer requirements and on time deliveries
3. Promotion and circulation of collaborative culture and mentality towards Customers and Suppliers
4. Identification and acquisition of means and resources capable of improving the Company competitiveness and know-how
5. Achievement of the targets reported in the IMPROVEMENT PLAN
6. Improvement in the engineering of processes and management design
7. Respect of all Norms relative to the EEC Directives (PED, ATEX, Equipment Directives), and API standards

as well as of all requirements related with laws, norms and regulations as required by our Customers.

To preserve the certification is an intentional and approved commitment by the Management


Since QUAM started its activities, products and services in order to match up with its leading principle, i.e. the full satisfaction of its Customers' expectations.

Besides satisfaction, Customers' requirements relevant to product and service quality, and the observance of the safety and environmental regulations, shall also be sustained by a proper managerial administration guaranteeing their full comprehension and unceasing respect.

QUAM is committed to protecting the environment, pursuing the best possible Health and Safety conditions, and to operating in full respect of the requirement which constitute a fundamental part of civil life with reference to the accident prevention and the continuous improvement principles.

To this purpose QUAM intends to:

1. Respect all the applicable laws and regulations relevant to the applicable Health and Safety rules, as well as all the freely undertaken commitments within the entrepreneurial associations the Company is and/or going to be affiliated to
2. Always select − among the chemicals necessary to the manufacturing and the plant maintenance activities − the less dangerous substances to people and environment, to verify attentively their consumption, to manage them to prevent workers' exposure, and to correctly dispose of the pertinent waste at all time
3. Minimize the mechanical risks, to limit and/or knock down the noise produced by its equipment, restricting to the maximum extent both workers' exposure and emissions
4. Minimize waste and emissions
5. Evaluate all new processes, technologies, activities and services prior to their implementation, in order to correctly identify all aspects connected with the HSE issues
6. Ensure that the Company management is properly informed and involved in the HSE related subjects
7. Ensure that the Company personnel is properly informed and involved in the HSE related subjects, as well as instructed to behave in line with the Company HSE guidelines
8. Conveniently monitor and evaluate the integrated system efficiency, and pursue its continuous improvement
9. Ensure that suppliers and external collaborators adopt such a behaviour to be totally in line with the Company HSE guidelines
10. Embrace the best available techniques relevant to prevention procedures and emergency control
11. Proceed with a periodical re-examination of the adopted HSE policy so as to evaluate its correctness and effectiveness, in respect to the Company's continuous improvement commitment
12. Realize an integrated Management System in accordance to the most appropriate available regulations
13. Maintain an open and constructive communication attitude towards the public, the users, the Civil Authorities, and all the involved parties
14. The content of this policy has to be extended to all the QUAM employees, both direct and indirect, and it is available to the public and to anyone upon request
15. The Company will distribute the present policy upon completion of all the necessary certifications as provided by the management system in force
16. QUAM intends to deliver copies of the present document to the employees, the cleaning service, the plant and building maintenance Companies, as well as to post it up on the Company notice board
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